Under pandemic the population of Poland rapidly shrinking

Under pandemic the population of Poland rapidly shrinking

for 2020 the Statistics display deaths pointed in the Poland to degree unnoticed on account that World War II and the births abruptly dropped, traits accredited to COVID-19 pandemic and de...

Why was my message removed?

It is better not to prevent buyers and sellers from constantly communicating to take care of the business. There are a few basic rules that apply when trading with messages and Workstream.

The strategy does not involve trading data before purchasing a su...

Why has my Offer been declined?

LanceForce can offer a wide range of administrations; however, a couple of administrations are inadmissible for the lance force market.

If your deal is dismissed, you ought to have gotten an email addressed to the default email address of your lanceForce...

Why has my project been declined?

You can post a lot of jobs to LanceForce however a few types of jobs are not suitable for lance force. If we think your work has been terminated, you should also receive an email explaining why your email address for your lance force account (check for possible spam editor).

If you think you have received a notification that the work you have been distributing requires improvement, you should have received an email to the default email corresponding to your lance force account stating what wishes are changing (check your trash email editor as soon as it changes. posted there).

An important rule in LanceForce is that the installment on Freelancer may be made once the shared service level has exceeded the Terms and Conditions.

Here is the secret:

WorkStream Policies

A workstream is a private place where all communication between the client and the consultant occurs. With workstream, circles can trade data, including contacts, sending statements or requests, making instalments, soliciting discounts, or recording questions about orders. When using

Project posting policies

Project posting policies: