Money Protection Guarantee

An important rule in LanceForce is that the installment on Freelancer may be made once the shared service level has exceeded the Terms and Conditions.

Here is the secret:

1. The savings are kept in the Escrow account while the Work is in progress

If the transaction is approved (whether the buyer has purchased an Hourly or accepts a custom Freelancer offer), the buyer pays the goods store in the Escrow account. This gives the Freelancer a guarantee to start Work and prevents the Consumer from spending any money on the Freelancer before the gig is completed.

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2. Installation as soon as the Work is Done

When the Work is Completed, the Freelancer raises the payment receipt. Assuming the buyer is happy the Work is done, they complete a receipt statement that ensures the arrival of goods stored in Escrow at Freelancer. If the Customer is not satisfied that the Work has been completed, they can issue a receipt and give the Freelancer ideas which work is always special.

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3. Discounts and rebates

If the Freelancer does not complete the Work within the agreed time limits, the buyer may claim a discount on the money held in Escrow. If by any means the Consumer discontinues the Work in progress, the Freelancer may be eligible for at least one specific assignment completed.

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4. The goal of the debate

In rare cases where the buyer and the Freelancer cannot agree on whether the Work is adequately done and should be paid or not, then lance force Customer Support may assist and, if necessary, provide a Dispute Resolution to determine whether the goods in Escrow are appropriate. Refund to the Customer as a discount because the agreed service was not transferred; or whether the Freelancer is eligible to receive a specific or complete installation of the transfer work.

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