Offers posting policies

The suggestion is a fair value management approach by the coordinator. These are unusual ways of drawing new customers by introducing management processes suggested by consultants as “reduced.” There are a few rules that experts are trusted to keep when sending a to give.

These rules are expected to ensure that the commercial center works well for everyone. Records that violate these rules will be deleted, and you will be in constant contact with the coordinator to determine why you could make the amendments.

Important notice: From time to time, the popularity of places, for example, Facebook, has been relegated, which could cause a reversal when displayed on the site. However, these postponements should be appropriately clarified and encouraged by the consultant and approved by the buyer before the commencement of work to avoid disputes.

Prohibited services:

LanceForce can provide a variety of treatments, so a single agreement is usually given. There are a few things we can offer:

Fans of fake/popular web media or asset/business test offerings (or careful judgment by our cautious observation that the link provided false results. Signs)

Bad List or Illegal Content Provision Service

Spam or summary is primarily sent to promote another external organization, site, or administration.


Specify as much as you can about the management systems you provide and what customers get when they buy your summary. Then, at that point, you might be surprised.

Additionally, clearly state what is excluded.

If you think you can offer various services, kindly submit a different proposal for each type of management you can offer. Each summary enhances another kind of management, so use other images in each list.

Keep it down. The suggestion should be help that can be provided within five days of receiving customer needs on Workstream. I

adds excellent photos and recordings linked to the services offered.

Shallow quality, hostile, or trivial images will not help sell sales, and the summary may be paused or deleted.

, set a sufficient transfer time that you realize you can experience. Postponed delivery can cause buyer frustration and affect quality.


Set the cost to be charged per hour or item. The recommendation is for fair value management. The price should be the total amount paid by the consumer through a pre-defined administration plan (including VAT).

Suppose we assume that the buyer is clear about the installment. In that case, it makes sense to make now the right time based instead of coming because of the idea of ​​help, and the buyer is approaching important management organizations, we can provide a critical time. A lot. increase. Buy just one aid, for example, “I can be a low helper for 2 hours.”

Enter your name, organization name, or contact data somewhere in the template or title.

This level is primary insurance. We suggest you do not send your contact data to open sites.

Redirects the buyer to a single site for additional data on advertised management systems.

All the information a consumer should know before buying your summary should be remembered for display.

Post various suggestions for the same assistance you provide (for example, items within 9 hours), whether minor changes or changes in the support units you provide.

Buyers can buy more prices on your article.

The main shipping contribution of all the extraordinary assistance you provide. Copy the verses that will be released.

Transfer content that ignores our Terms of Service, for example, oppressive, harmful, abusive, or intrusive.

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