Content Writing

Highly Customized Redesign

This was a redesign and a significant amount of new content. The client has a business but also wants to incorporate his art into his personal page. Each of the 3 different tracks needed to have specific design elements but other parts that are consistent across all 3 pages. There’s almost no element on this […]

Convert Design to Site

We took this client’s design from a Figma mockup and turned it into a beautiful website. When you have a good design mockup it makes your job easy! This was on Squarespace 7.1 so lots of tweaks needed to be done with custom code but all of the content and layout were totally ready to […]

Photography site

We created a new website for photography. I added a masonry plugin for the gallery so that the images don’t all sit within a box. We also added a cool effect to the gallery where the highlighted image stays brighter and darkens the highlighted ones when hovering with a mouse
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