Project posting policies

Project posting policies:

There are not many rules that purchasers should adhere to when posting a task. These rules are intended to guarantee that the Lance force Marketplace functions admirably for everybody. This strategy shapes part of the Terms of Service. Projects that abuse these rules will be taken out and will forever be reached to clarify why they can be fixed.

Prohibited projects:

You can post dozens of jobs as a business to lance force. Almost any items are not worth it.

Long-Term Employees, Partnerships, Franchises, or Joint Business Contributions. Lance force a commercial center dedicated to independent management.

Neglected activity/profit or sharing of income/commissions/installment in return for skills or resources. All obligations must be paid in proportion to the proposal or at a reasonable cost.

Application to terminate the status of a College / University / School.

Requesting to perform experiments, for example, posting sections to different sites to avoid record interactions or strategies of other sites.

Posts are still distributed exclusively for the final purpose of fraudulent posts, illegal, spam-seeking assistance, or promoting various organizations or sites.

Fans of fake web media/favorites or product/store survey requirements (or indicators to carefully check with our intelligence that the consumer has spoken through fraudulent help)


Be extraordinary with inside the portrayal roughly what the endeavor is, what type of expectations you’re looking for, and any removed dates or timescales you could have. The additional interesting you’re around what you want, the extra a hit you’ll be in drawing in the Best Freelancers for the endeavor and getting down-to-earth recommendations.

Show a reasonable value range for the works of art to draw optimistic high-acceptable Freelancers. If you’re not positive about what is most likely viable, have noticed tantamount tasks. Indisputably the negligible value range for any Endeavor on Lance force is £5


Look for an example to send as a feature of the delivery system. This protects the specialist from possible abuse. To get ideas on their work, you can see job release events in their portfolio, or you can get one of their contributions and give them a picture for a small price. I can make it happen.

Remember your full name or contact data somewhere about the job description or topic. This level is to protect you. We suggest you do not send your contact data to open sites.

Refer to the link to another site for complete coverage of your work.

All the data a consultant needs to send you an agreement should be remembered in the job description.

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