I need a graphic designer to update a booklet art catalog.

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I am a fiber artist preparing for an exhibit at the Virginia Holocaust Museum. They will print my booklet catalog, but I have to create and submit the camera ready PDF. The graphic designer I have been working with on updating my catalog is unable to complete the work, and the time to submit this is now so short! I believe I have to submit this by Wednesday, Mar. 9, 2022. Basically I am requesting a graphic designer for a comparatively small job: to add 6 pages to my existing booklet, with some text editing, and replacing a few photos as described below. I am attaching the PDF layout of the original catalog created in Omaha, Nebraska. Folded, there are 6 pages (16 sides) and it measures approximately 8.5” h x 7” w. (My technical vocabulary, as you see, is sorely lacking!) 1. I now have 6 additional pieces with 100-125 words of description/text for each that I request a designer to lay out and add in with the existing pages. It doesn’t have to be exactly the same but to coordinate. 2. I need to switch out the original gallery statements found on P. 3 for a statement by the Virginia Holocaust Museum. It’s possible we could use some of that original text if we have a blank page to fill. 3. I have to add to the “Artist Resources and Inspiration” list found on the back cover, adding several additional resources and acknowledgements and deleting the additional statement below the list. 4. I would like to update my artist’s portrait (P. 2) with a newer photo, and also change out one artwork picture found on P. 10. Thank you so much – whatever help you can offer will be greatly appreciated!!

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October 16, 2021