Terms & conditions

LanceForce controls a platform connecting Freelancers to Consumers.

1-the cheat sheet


On LF the offered of services are either by proposals that have fixed service price, or project that are customize and have fix rate or price of each item. On LanceForce Services supplied in these methods are mutually referred as projects. Task is presented and acknowledged is completely at option of Freelancer/Purchaser. There is no control of LanceForce on this practice. The Services are delivered through Freelancers openly to Purchasers, who decide the deliverables, rate and entirely other requirements.

At Beginning of a task the Purchaser fees reserves into the Escrow Account, and Purchaser need to approve their requirements straight in Work Stream.

Freelancer need to deliver consistent updates of advancement and reply in one working day to all messages from Purchaser, in Work Stream.

Freelancers need to provide work in the specific times that defined either in the Proposal, or decided with Purchaser open in the Work Stream for tasks that are custom. Rankings of Freelancers will be penalized for delivery that are late.

Freelancers need to finish their tasks and Purchasers decide to pay for work supplied. Operators will be fined for withdrawals or repayments make happen through them, deprived of purpose. Freelancers need to be deliver, and be set the chance by Purchaser to deliver, at minimum two additional repetitions on work provided if the Customer is not firstly pleased.

After the task has been complete to obtain payment the Freelancer will rise a demand, containing relief of moneys held in Escrow Account. The Freelancers need not to demand fee upfront earlier work has been complete. Purchasers must pay in the seven day payment terms.


LanceForce and merely have funds for determinations of resolving delivery of facilities and particular proof of purchase of Freelancers and it is not Bank. LanceForce intensely mention that the operators on platform do not have latent balances. For more than thirty days No operator is allowed to have a latent balance. LF give right to put on Management Fees or write about the latent balances till that are reserved or convert zero. Moneys held through LF on platform are not covered nor enclosed through any Financial Amenities Return System or some other organization of government. LF have the moneys in an isolated account of client.


LanceForce acts as a Negotiator of Fee among the Purchaser and Freelancer. In return for full proof of purchase payment through the Purchaser for the project, LanceForce decides to release debts of the Purchasers concerning to amount overdue payable to the Freelancer in this contract. LanceForce decides to create such funds accessible to the Freelancer balance by 24 hours, focus to deception an AML processes. Freelancers are then capable to extract those assets matter to the setting up of a legal taking out account. LanceForce takes its responsibilities to seriously stop scam and money laundering and reserves the right to postponement payments to Freelancers if scam or money laundering is doubted. All expenditures for work finalized must go via LF unless LanceForce has given its rapid inscribed authorization or else in relation to a precise payment or proof of purchase, tries to recompense outside of LF will lead to authorizations not restricted to direct interruption of account. Operators need to directly inform to LanceForce some proposals to recompense outside of LanceForce complete through their Purchaser or Freelancer.


The payment once has been complete, the purchaser are approved all right for supplied work


For alerts of service, notifications, proposals, and summary about LanceForce, users obtain notifications on the specified page and send an email to email address related by their account. If anybody do not wish to obtain news sheets, declarations, other communications and / or facilities from LanceForce website, kindly do not choose ​​out of these communications or facilities at the time of registering. If someone have subscribed and would like to unsubscribe at a later date, click on the appropriate link in the communication. All interesting and important email communications sent to you deliver the chance to opt out (that is, unsubscribe) of future communications. Follow deregistration process or their email instructions. In order to operate the platform properly, users cannot unsubscribe to important emails. When you receive an invoice or when the purchaser requests a refund. By agreeing to these terms, the freelancer will automatically choose to receive email from TalentDesk.io, a business service operated by LanceForce. TalentDesk.io is a cloud-based project management platform used by enterprise clients to efficiently manage large projects that require the services of multiple freelancers, contractors, and collaborators. LanceForce provides TalentDesk.io with access to the LanceForce freelancer database as part of TalentDesk.io's "Discover Talent" feature. Freelancers can contact the TalentDesk.io client directly and invite them to participate in the project through the TalentDesk.io platform. LanceForce takes privacy and data security very seriously, and users can opt out of their LanceForce account on the Settings> Notifications page to get project invitations and emails from TalentDesk.io. You can opt out of receiving notifications.

2-The account of user

To access the full site of LanceForce, operators must list for an account, deliver correct and whole information, and retain their account info up to date. Both purchasers and freelancers go through the same account registering procedure. Every account must be an individual account, however operators can act as single proprietorships, lawful entities, or other legal entities (whether combined or not). Operators cannot list for other than one account. The data you provide in your account's public summary must act in accordance with with LanceForce profile guidelines. LanceForce restricts access, suspends accounts, suspends temporarily or indefinitely, suspends ongoing projects, warns other purchasers and freelancers of your actions, or if: Reserve the right to warn you.

If someone violate Terms of Use wording or essence of these or referenced policies. LanceForce cannot confirm or validate the information you deliver. LanceForce consider that your activities can cause harm or obligation to our operators or our Operators are merely accountable for any action that happens in their account except it is the consequence of an action that they do not control (for example, hacking or taking reasonable steps to keep their passwords secure). Nevertheless if someone steals the password). Users must not use someone else's user account or website registration information. You make sure that you are not economically prohibited / restricted as a result of sanctions rules in countries around the world. If your situation changes due to being included in such a list, stop using LanceForce immediately.


The regulation of UK AML. LanceForce incapable to support Iran, Sudan, North Korea, Syria and Crimea users

3-Delivery of Project

3.1 Offer

Purchaser fund will be in Escrow Account on buying the offer

The Customer will then must to deliver their desires (as stated in the Offers explanation page) in WorkStream therefore that the Freelancer can get taking place.

After the requirements are delivered in the WorkStream through the Customer, the Freelancer need to:

Reply in the WorkStream in one working day to approve work has started or else the Customer might demand and will be permitted to a repayment in agreement with Section 6; 

Deliver regular updates on development in the WorkStream and reply in one working day to all messages from the Customer;

Complete the project in the distribution timescales specified in their Offer explanation containing delivery of all deliverables in the WorkStream. If freelancer Fail to provide within those schedules may mean the Customer requests and is allowed to a refund in agreement with Section 6;

Late or non-delivery will adversely affect the Freelancer's positions on LanceForce.

All straight communication among Customer and Freelancer must go through the WorkStream to retain both parties protected in instance of a Difference.

When the Offer has been finished the Freelancer will raise a bill and:

The Customer is then capable to leave response for the Freelancer, upon which the assets held in the Escrow Account will be spontaneously free to the Freelancer as payment;

Otherwise, if the Customer is not pleased with the deliverables they can discard the invoice and deliver the Freelancer with comprehensive response on what work remains unsettled. Freelancers should offer and provide the opportunity to deliver at least two revisions to their deliver work, founded on comprehensive response from buyers.

If the customer does not i) leave a review of the freelancer or ii) reject the invoice, after 7 days, the funds stored in escrow will automatically be paid on behalf of the freelancer. Will be released.

If the funds held in escrow are free to the freelancer in agreement with a) or c) above, LanceForce and the freelancer have the right to consider that the purchaser is satisfied with the project and no dispute related to the project arises. Suppose you have. Buyer agrees not to file a dispute or attempt to cancel payment over a credit card supplier, bank, or PayPal.

3.2-Custom Project


Freelancer compensation for customer-specific projects is agreed as either a fixed price, a unit price, or an hourly wage for the project.

For custom hourly rates, the customer decides to pay the freelancer founded on the time spent, not the actual or supposed quality of the results delivered. The freelancer must deliver the customer with an analysis of the billing time as proof upon request.

For fixed-price custom projects, the buyer decides to pay the freelancer founded on the services provided. The parties must decide in advance with WorkStream whether to split the project into milestones related to milestone payments. If no indicators have been decided, custom projects will only be billed after all deliverables are fully completed.

For the price per item in a project that is custom, the buyer decides to pay the freelancer for all the items offered. Upon accepting the offer, the buyer pays the agreed deposit to the escrow account.

Next, the buyer must provide comprehensive desires in WorkStream for the freelancer to get started. These requirements must contain, but are not restricted to:

Time frame for project implementation.

A explanation of all the particular elements of the project, including aesthetics with alike examples.

Failure of all predictable benefits.

Expectations for various jobs.

When requirements have been established from the Buyer, the Freelancer need to:

Reply in the WorkStream within one working day to approve beginning of work. Freelancer fail to respond within one working day might mean the Buyer requests and will be permitted to a refund in agreement with Section 6;

Deliver regular progress informs in the WorkStream and reply within one (1) working day to all WorkStream messages from the Buyer;

Finish the project, containing delivery of all deliverables in the WorkStream, in the delivery schedules decided with the Buyer,

If missing a before agreed closing date is inevitable then the Freelancer need to inform the Buyer instantaneously in the WorkStream and deliver a reviewed delivery date.

Fail to provide the work in decided schedules, or frequently revising earlier agreed deadlines, might mean the Buyer requirements a cancellation of the custom task and will be permitted to a repay of any reserves in the Escrow Account.

Late or not delivery of a task will adversely affect the Freelancer's positions on LanceForce.

All direct communication between Buyer and Freelancer should go via the WorkStream to keep both parties protected in case of a Dispute

All coordinate communication between Buyer and Specialist ought to go by means of the WorkStream to retain both parties ensured in case of a Debate.


Once the Custom extend is finished (or a concurred breakthrough has been come to) the Consultant will rise an Invoice:

The expenses charged within Receipt ought to be as has been openly concurred forthright within the Proposition. In the event that prerequisites/ possibility alterations materially throughout a custom extend the Consultant might have to be suggest alter to an already concurred cost. This must be expressly concurred within the WorkStream sometime recently any additional work is embraced so that the Customer can affirm whether they hope to continue with the extra choice for the additional cost;

The Buyer must pay the Receipt inside seven (7) days of the Receipt being raised; then again, in the event that the Buyer does not concur that the project has been completed at that point the Buyer can dismiss the Receipt. The Customer must at that point give the Specialist with old gritty input within the WorkStream on what work remains extraordinary. The Consultant must give, and be particular the chance to supply, at slightest two cycles of the deliverables founded on point by point input from the Buyer

if the Customer does not whichever i) pay the Receipt or ii) dismiss the Receipt inside such seven day period LanceForce will give help to Consultant to pursuit installment and might incidentally or for all time confine the Buyer's account. In the event that the Receipt remains owing after 15 days a last 24 hour notice will be delivered to the Customer. On the off chance that when 24 hours the Customer has not reacted to this notice the stores within the Account of Escrow, active to the due Receipt sum, naturally handled and will stay at caution of LanceForce for appreciation.

If the Customer salaries the receipt or reserves are used in agreement by d) over, LanceForce and Specialist will be permitted to accept that the Customer is fulfilled with extend and does not take a debate of any type in connection to venture.

3.3 Per Hour Contract

Freelancer payments for hourly wage contracts are set up as hourly wage projects using the hourly wages specified in the freelancer profile when the hourly wage contract was set up. Buyer decides to pay the Freelancer established on the time spent, not on actual or apparent quality of the service delivered.

Upon accepting an hourly quote and rental request, the buyer must provide the file with a valid payment method and approve LF's repeated billing in accordance with Lance Force’s Terms of Service.

Every 7 days, the system will automatically generate an invoice on sake of freelancer, depending on the amount of hours recorded through the freelancer in the previous 7 days and the hourly amount of the hourly agreement.

Invoicing promotions:

The consumer can recompense the bill in person in three days of the dispatch note promotion.

If the buyer is not salaried in person in three days, proof of purchase will be spontaneously salaried through the arrangement billing one of the Customer's payment ways on file at some time.

3.31 Safety for freelancer

Within uncommon occasion that a Purchaser denies installment for authentic administrations completed through a Consultant, LanceForce will give restricted installment assurance to the Specialist as said


underneath Per Hour Installment Security will be given as it were in the event that all of the taking after criteria are met:

Customer need to have an Account in great stand up and at slightest one substantial and verified Installment Strategy, and Customer must concur to naturally recompense for hours charged through the Freelancer.

Account of Freelancer need to be in great standing.

The amount of hours charged need not surpass week after week restrain of hours as characterized within the Each Hour Agreement.

In ten days once receipt raise, in event that receipt is rejected the Specialist must yield a Debate particularly recognizing the subtle elements of the work that ought to be paid.

Inside ten days after receipt raise, in the event that the receipt isn't rejected and not paid the Specialist must contact LanceForce Client Back recognizing the subtle elements of the effort that ought to be salaried.

Each Hour Installment Assurance is accessible throughgreatest rate each hour secured through LanceForce to Specialist the smaller of the amount characterized within the Each Hour Agreement terms; normal per hour rate charged by Consultant on the Location over all Customers; and the standard rate for the similar aptitudes on Location in Freelancer’s region .

3.3.2 Safety for buyer

LanceForce will alter receipt to Customer for task that's not obviously connected to either extend necessities or Customer enlightening within WorkStream and inside the hours certified for week, focus to and accustomed on taking after terms:

Customer need to have an Account in great stand-up and at slightest one substantial and verified installment strategy, and Customer must concur to consequently recompense for hours charged through the Freelancer

Freelancer’s Account need to be in great stand up.

Inside three days of Receipt the Buyer discards the receipt raised distinguishing the time charged and Freelancer’s screen screenshots that are not obviously connected to either the venture necessities or Customer informational within WorkStream.

3.4 work Quality

All Consultants on LanceForce need to endeavor to provide a customary of work, fittingly assembly their Customer's requirements.

Specially, Specialists must guarantee that all deliver work are:

Free of error

Completely talk all of the Customer's characterized requests;

A total set of deliver work as characterized within Offer explanation or as concurred within the WorkStream as portion of prerequisites for custom tasks

And, for Offers and ventures, are of a standard reliable by level of ability demonstrated within the profile  and applications of Freelancer

3.5 Heavy but significant bit

Customer and Freelancer choose on a project kind, Hour, trend or fixed price. They regulate the terms and settings of “projects”, containing deliveries, any particular requirements, and “project” prices, directly among them. Customer and Freelancer make a direct facility contract among them and LanceForce who are not part of that agreement

Focus to this variation as part of the Agreement of Service, possession and any resources and or deliveries rising from the task and any academic possessions rights in which it is written, will be allocated to the Consumer upon compensation of Freelancer. If the Consumer and Freelancer demand to enter into any specific contractual terms, the Consumer and the Partner Easily should sell and write these terms in the WorkStream task.

Focus to any changes to the Terms of Facility, the terms and settings of each task will be believed to include the time spent considering the Freelancer project payment thus providing the buyer with a complete title guaranteeing the following worldwide rights. :

All exclusive rights and all other privileges in the form of patent available in the task Some website right that lives on the task once

all other privileges in a task of any kind, whether present or generated in the future, the current Freelancer, or at any time once the First Date The Project may be authorized by applicable laws in the United Kingdom and in any other part of the world,

In each circumstance, a renewal of the right to annexation, modification, renewal and extension of all rights and immunities, containing the right to take, act, object to, protect, defend and receive in admiration of any violation, or another reason for ownership, of any of these rights granted, whether it occurs earlier, on, or afterward the Commencement Date of the Task.

Promises by you:

if you are a Customer You can pay for amenities and make amenities if you are a Freelancer;

Does not violate any appropriate laws, instructions or guidelines or obligations to any other individual;

Do and will comply with all applicable lawful and duty requirements. If applicable, you will file all the required legal documents related to self-employment compulsory through any government agency, and pay all appropriate taxes containing without restriction PAYE or other income tax and nationwide assurance;

will not some third party to act on or upload, post, distribute or allocate or promote the delivery of any content, task, or offer to the services or services provided by LanceForce, containing without restriction. Some Operator Content, which oversteps any copyright, symbol, trademark, patent or other right of any other individual or person or infringes any rule or contract activity.

3.5.1 Categorization of Proposal

Using historical data, the data science team has built a machine learning model that attempts to predict the offers that buyers will want to accept. Therefore, you can categorize your suggestions into different categories.


A. Proposed proposal

Proposals most likely that the buyer will want to accept.

B. Less relevant suggestions

Proposals that buyers do not want to accept.

C. Everything else

The rest of the proposals. By choosing the default `Recommended' sort option, the proposals higher up in the list are the ones a buyer will most likely want to accept.

LanceForce only predicts the probability of a recommended proposal being accepted. If a refund is processed, LanceForce is not liable for the outcome.

4. Payment

Payments will be made as described in Section 3 for projects that the buyer considers successful. The payment terms are 7 days. However, the hourly contract is 3 days.

In the case of a project, the freelancer cannot request the release of funds from escrow before the project is completed. The purpose of the funds stored in escrow is to provide freelancers with the security they need to get the job done. Buyers should inform such cases instantaneously. In such circumstances, the Freelancer account might be provisionally or forever suspended.

Recurring payments can be made through the automatic payment feature or hourly contracts. LanceForce offers this option only to make simpler the payment procedure. Using this feature does not change the nature of the association among LanceForce and its operators, or among the purchaser and the freelancer.

All payments among the customer and the freelancer are for both LanceForce related work and subsequent work among the buyer and the freelancer in the similar or another task, as described in Section 3. Must be done via LanceForce. If the freelancer files a proceeding or takes legal action against the purchaser, the freelancer will pay with a specific invoice or alternative payment method with the express written permission of the LanceForce. You can allow it.

Payments (or attempts to make payments) outside of LanceForce are in breach of these Standings of Use without the rapid written agreement of LanceForce. Such payments (or payment attempts) will result in a provisional and / or permanent holdup of the Buyer and / or account of Freelancer. Freelancers are responsible for all business losses and legal costs that may be incurred as the LanceForce recovers. LanceForce reserves the right to authorization the assets held in the Freelancer's account in direction to recover the lost dues. In addition, LanceForce shall not be liable for arbitration of disputes or loss of business by buyers or freelancers as a result of breach of this provision. The user must promptly report the LanceForce attempt or offer of payment outside the LanceForce by the buyer or freelancer.

Payments from customers are regularly check through LanceForce for fraud avoidance determinations before releasing payments to freelancers. Funds will only be available for payment after the 14-day approval period has passed since the purchaser approved the invoice. Freelancers with total charges paid in the last two calendar months (“Recent Revenues”) of £ 2,000 to £ 6,000 (or equivalent if converted) are eligible to withdraw funds after a 7-day security clearance period. I have. Invoice approved by the buyer. Freelancers with current income of more than £ 6,000 are eligible to withdraw funds afterward a security authorization period of 3 days after the invoice is approved by the purchaser.


To withdraw funds from a LanceForce user account, the freelancer must demand a taking out to an approved taking out account. An official taking out account can be either:

an account of bank beneath the customer`s title as enlisted on their profile

A PayPal or Payoneer account with the similar title and mail as enrolled on the operator's profile

A Paypal or Payoneer account with the similar title as enrolled on the operator's profile and a mail that has been confirmed through the client

LanceForce handle installments every day and will send the cash to the Consultant by means of their chosen installment inclination. Once LanceForce has prepared installments, they are at that point subject to timescales forced by the banking clearing framework.

For security reasons, LanceForce saves the proper to ask extra data from Customers and Freelancers, containing unique records, and to confirm records with delivering teach. In this manner, we save the proper to ask the taking after evidences of personality:

A duplicate of a Government delivered ID

A duplicate of a later service charge appearing your title and address

On behalf of credit/debit card clients:

Utilization of a front and back card.For Safety Agreement we suggest merely clear out the significant 8 digits of the card number numbers, and on the back final three digits number;

Declaration of card Credit or debit for the card used for the LanceForce operator account. For safety agreement, the middle 8 figures of card number should be hidden.

For PayPal operators:

A PayPal account declaration that shows PayPal registration name, confirmation status, email address, and all related dealings.

For worldwide bank transmissions, recipient payments may be late due to causes such as local bank long weekend, intermediate bank postponements, or other native circumstances. Kindly note that certain nations are elected as "slow payment" nations and remittances to these nations might take days or might weeks to be credited to the recipient's account.

If you use an escrow account, LanceForce will act on your behalf in accordance with these Terms of Use. LF holds funds in another customer account. LanceForce is not a bank, it merely holds the funds to provide services and settle certain invoices from freelancers. It is highly recommended that all operators not be balanced. The reserves held through LanceForce on Platform are not protected or insured by the Financial Facilities Recompense System or other administration agencies. You will not receive any notice or other income from the reserves in your escrow or LanceForce operator account. LanceForce will attempt to make the moneys of the Account of Escrow or LanceForce Operator Account accessible to the User in accordance with these Terms of Use, but warrant that they will be obtainable to the Operator in the event of unexpected or otherwise circumstances. Not Our mechanism.

If the LF must refund to the Consumer on behalf of the Consumer who lodges a dispute or requests payment by its credit card, provider of bank or Paypal then LanceForce will be permitted to receive any such quantity from the User Account for LanceForce Freelancer, credit card or other prepaid payment process if available. If LanceForce is unable to repay the Consumer refund from the Freelancer in full upon the Freelancer agree to recompense LanceForce any remaining fees within 48 hours LanceForce will apply.

To prevent permanent deposits in the Account of Escrow, LanceForce will inform the Freelancer in the occasion that funds are deposited in the Escrow Account of the task that i) does not have an owing invoice or open disagreement; and ii) has not been active on WorkStream for a era of one month or more. Work is distinct as any act Buyer or Freelancer on WorkStream is as follows: message sent, proof of purchase increased, deposit to Escrow Account created or Suggested Refund Demand.

Freelancer will be requested to authorize or i) that the task is in development through sending a message to the customer on WorkStream with an inform on progress; ii) that the task is finished through raising the invoice in agreement with the conditions set out in Section 3; or iii) that the task has been canceled and reimbursed by the consumer in accordance with the provisions of Section 6.

In the event that no activity is taken through the freelancer inside seven days it'll be expected that the venture was not conveyed through the Consultant and the funds held within the  Account of Escrow will be consequently discounted rear to the Purchaser`s LanceForce Client Account. In this occasion the Freelancer's ranks will be influenced in understanding with the standings in Area 6.

LanceForce employments third-party benefit suppliers counting Payoneer, Adyen,and Paypal, Escrow to prepare installments by Customers and to exchange stores to Specialists. These third-party compensation service suppliers are controlled and approved to supply installment administrations within the nations where they work. LanceForce may share your individual or value-based data with third-party installment benefit suppliers when it is essential to handle payments.

5 Feedback Leaving

When the task is finished and the freelancer is paid through the customer, mutually parties will be asked to deliver both qualitative response and 15 ratings to the other party. This score affects each operator's ranking in LanceForce. Feedback should also be provided so that users can read the ratings they receive. If both customer and freelancer leave response inside the first sixty days after payment of the invoice, the rating (feedback) will be published on the member's profile page increase. After 60 days, all submitted reviews will be disclosed and will not be disclosed to users who have not submitted reviews. Both customer and freelancer must thorough their response fairly. Operators may not threaten negative response or provide incentives in exchange for feedback to misrepresent feedback, manipulate or coerce other users. This type of attempt must be reported to LanceForce immediately. Feedback explanations described to be defamatory, offensive, or aggressive are reviewed and might be removed at our option.

6. fund and the cancellation

6.1 project Termination

After the Beginning of a task ,the Customer may ask a cancellation: On the off chance that there are stores within the Account of Escrow and the Purchaser accepts they are permitted to a discount, the Customer can inform LanceForce of the termination by asking a discount utilizing the “Request Refund” activity on WorkStream.

6.2 Policy of refund for project

A Customer is permitted to get a discount of reserves held within the Account of Escrow below the taking after conditions:

No reaction: Specialist has not reacted within the WorkStream inside one working day of Beginning of a task

No supply:

For Offers, Freelancer of an Offer did not convey the possibility of work inside conveyance periods demonstrated within Offer.

For settled cost or cost each thing Convention ventures, no distribution implies concurred possibility of work was not conveyed inside concurred spans;

For each hour amount Custom ventures no time has remained went through.

Destitute excellence: by the exemption of each hour amount Custom ventures, the deliver work provide through Freelancer do not encounter terms distinct in Section 3.2.

The Consumer and Freelancer might equally decide to a repayment for causes other than those of the preceding clause but agreement for such refund will be focus to review through LanceForce, as set out in Section.


Repayments apply only to reserves stored in escrow. Follow Segment 3 and do not pay from escrow until the buyer confirms that the project has been finished. By freeing the funds from escrow, the customer receives that such funds are non-refundable. Customers should evade filing an argument or stop payment via credit card owner, or PayPal. If you try to request a repayment this method, the customer's account will be spontaneously postponed.

6.2.1 Demanding a fund

Buyers can demand a repayment of funds detained in escrow by the WorkStream Request Repayment act and providing an aim for the demand. LanceForce is focus to an evaluation of the reasons and conditions of the refund to confirm that both Customer and freelancer comply through these Terms of Use and that the determination of the repayment is not to circumvent the obligations of the parties below these Terms of Use. Process your refund request. LanceForce shall not be liable for any refund if LanceForce sensibly trusts that parties have failed to comply through these Terms or are attempting to circumvent such responsibilities.

6.2.2 Penalties of cancellation and refund

Operators are completely hopeless from initiating cancellations and repayments. Repayments will affect Operators standing in the LanceForce market area as follows:

Where Freelancer is at liability for refunds it will have a negative impact on their Freelancer rank and standards;

Where consumer is originate to be the reason of the repayment (for instance, initial termination due to an alteration in his or her business necessity) will have a negative influence on the Consumer's condition;

Multiple refunds specified by the User will result in provisional and / or enduring limitations on their account reliant on difficulty.


7. Disagreements

LanceForce energize our Consultants and Customers to undertake and decide any contradictions among themselves. Be that as it may ought to that not be conceivable LanceForce Client Administrations can give Debate resolve.

A Debate can be upraised:

Through the Specialist physically after a Customer has forbidden a receipt;

To promote a debate, the Consultant is obligatory to pay a nonrefundable expense as each area

Debate are accessible to Consultants that have capable as reliable individuals of LanceForce communal.

For Receipt Debate particularly, sums engaged into thought for the Debate are the inferior of the escrow adjust or receipt sum.

In case the sum debated is £100 (or €130 or USD $160) or over, LanceForce might influence out to both parties in arrange to intercede and attempt and take the Debate to determination.

LanceForce will point to create a determination choice on sake of both parties inside seven days. In the event that a common determination has as of now been concurred among both parties on the WorkStream, at that point the debate will either be can negated or settled in line with the common assertion

Within the occasion of having to form a determination choice, LanceForce will utilize as it were the communication within the WorkStream as sole prove, and consider:

In the event that both parties are substitute in great confidence and have attempted to determination the issue among themselves sometime recently reaching us, counting at slightest a moment endeavor made among both parties to total or correct  venture;

On the off chance that the extend was conveyed in understanding with the terms in Segment 3;

For Debate about the excellence of the work conveyed: LanceForce will reflect whether the Consultant has encountered common value measures as characterized in Area 3.3. Appraisals on value i) down to seen discrimination, or ii) demanding pro specialized or subject matter mastery, will not shape portion of determination choice;

If the Customer and Freelancer have obeyed with these standings and settings.

Within the occasion of taking to form a determination choice on sake of parties, LanceForce will inform both parties inside fourteen days of Debate. The debated stores might be managed with in agreement with the determination choice and these terms and settings. Once the argument is resolved, your involvement in the dispute will end.

You decide and agree that the costs and other measures taken by LanceForce in agreement with your dispute resolution choice will be made in decent faith. The user will have no reason for proceedings in contradiction of LanceForce. Of resolution decisions or corresponding measures or payments. You further agree and agree that LF does not have the right to be held liable for any alleged acts or omissions of the Buyer or Freelancer.



8. Fee of LanceForce

Fee of buyer

The Customer fees are for the use of LanceForce as a transitional platform, they do not redirect the consequence of some Freelancer association and will not be repaid. Customer fees are broken down as follow

Service rates are subject to change at any time. The variations will be redirected in the issued modernized terms that apply to all transactions that occur after the updated fee becomes effective. There is an optional list fee that allows buyers to stand out by marking the list of projects as "urgent" with a prominent icon. Important details if you use a Pay safe card for LanceForce transactions, this amount is non-refundable. However, if your paysafecard has an unused balance, you may be capable to use it. To ensure this, you must interact paysafecard openly. Furthermore, funds from Trust pay cannot be refunded either

8.1.1 Fee of NDA

LanceForce might make accessible, upon installment of a discretionary charge of, a nondisclosure agreement for Specialist and the Customer to utilize in connection to extend. In giving NDA we prohibit all guarantees in regard of and total risk for taking after:

Enforceability or something else of the nondisclosure contract.

The wellness of NDA for the determinations of either the Customer, Specialist or both

The agreement through the NDA via the Customer or the Specialist

Some breach of NDA through the Buyer or Consultant capacity and recovery of the marked NDA by LanceForce any misfortune of the marked NDA.

8.1.2 Fee of talent guide

LanceForce might create accessible upon a discretionary expense of, an Ability Scout extend Update. Said charge will not be returnable and incorporates time and exertion went through our group to offer assistance to every Customer in arrange for them to create an additional educated choice. Particularly:

Compare with the Buyer in arrange to assist them indicate their venture necessities and offer assistance where required

Channel and survey proposition gotten for the overhauled extend

Welcome modern Consultants where fundamental

Make up to 3 suggestions on gotten proposition.

If a Buyer who obtained the “Talent Scout” overhaul, isn't fulfilled with the prescribed Consultant, the LanceForce Group will offer another proposal. When suggested Specialists, total the venture effectively, they will be included to a Scouted Specialists organize and welcomed to offered for comparable ventures within the future

In the Talent Scout Project, all proposals are reviewed equally by the LanceForce team, so freelancers cannot present their proposals.


8.1.3 Featured project fees

LF offers featured project upgrades for an optional fee. This fee is non-refundable and contains the time and determination our team has consumed reviewing these projects and making sure they are suitable for being featured in LanceForce and giving them a high level of exposure. LanceForce does not guarantee success by presenting a project in relation to the metrics associated with the project. This includes, but is not limited to, suggestions received, views received, project likes received, and project awards to freelancers.

8.2 fee of freelancer

LanceForce saves the proper to charge Specialists a Benefit Expense in understanding with the Benefit Expense Structure they are doled out to All Clients are given through a articulation at conclusion of every month appearing their clear successful contract expense in the ‘Payments' segment on the Website. For value control commitments, Specialists have an assignment of fifteen Bid credits each month for complimentary however can buy additional credits once the allowed allocation has been cast-off.

Bank exchange inversion expenses In case your bank exchange gets switched due to erroneous keeping money data, off-base bank account sort or outside cash bank account settings confinement, you'll be charged an inversion charge of as well as the money trade contrast (on the off chance that appropriate).

In case a Consultant chooses to buy discretionary highlights to advance increment their probabilities of appealing work on LanceForce they will recompense a include expense. The most recent expenses for these highlights

In the event that Specialist chooses to rise a debate as for every segment 7, they are compulsory to pay a nonrefundable charge rise to 10% of the receipt or discount sum, subject to a least charge of per debate.

Bank exchange examination charge Kindly note that in case there's a stay in installment from managing an account establishment, an official examination could be started with bank to decide exchange issues. To begin this process, you will need to collect a fee from your customer.

Chargeback or RFI (Request for Information) Charges Chargeback is an uncertain card contract that the buyer submits to the issuer of card when disagreeing with the payment or after the card is used deprived of permission. RFI is a demand for data by a bank that asks LanceForce for extra info about certain transactions that may be challenged or disapproved. In either case, the buyer's bank will charge the LanceForce a fee and will pass it to the freelancer who submitted the chargeback to the bank for a specific project.

In event of a chargeback, the customer's credit card corporation if chooses to favor freelancer, the freelancer will be repaid to LanceForce user account. The judgment is in the customer's favor If, the contract will be canceled, the customer will be fully refunded and the fee will be taken from the Freelancer LanceForce account of user.

Fast Trail Fees to check the application and documents within 24 days after the freelancer application has been submitted and document has been uploaded. You have the option to pay. Hours. Fast Track Fees will deliver Fast Trail Services as extended as LanceForce delivers such or alike services.

For a feature list payment of, freelancers can promote features to the list daily, every 3 days, every 7 days, or only once. For an additional, Sellers can promote your selected offer via a special newsletter sent to shoppers looking for similar offers.


8.3 Fee scheme of zero service

8.3.1 General

Highlighted Profile Expense Clients are allowed to yield offers to include their profiles within the consultant postings. Such offers are put upon particular abilities of the clients choosing, and upon LanceForce acknowledgment of that offered, LanceForce should make accessible upon installment of an discretionary every day charge (decided by the offered) a Included Profile Overhaul. The day by day charge (decided by the clients offered at time of offering) will highlight the profile for 24hrs. Clients are allowed to setup offers in progress for 1, 3 or 7 days where winning offers will cause the day by day expense each day the offered is effective. Said expenses are not refundable and incorporates the profile being highlighted and set conspicuously on the freelancer posting page. The precise number of profiles that will be posted, the probability that an offered will be won, and the offers acknowledged by LanceForce are totally at the caution of LanceForce.

8.3.2 Fee of no service

If an existing client pays a freelancer by paying an invoice in LF, according to the eligibility requirements of Section 8.3.3, the service charges described in Section 8.2 will not be charged. All invoices paid by existing customers will be credited to the Freelancer's LF user account and can be paid in accordance with these General Terms of Service. Similarly, if the buyer pays an existing freelancer by paying an invoice in LF, in accordance with the eligibility requirements of Section 8.3.2, the service charges listed in Section 8.2 will not be charged. All charges paid by the buyer to the existing Freelancer will be credited to the existing Freelancer's LF User Account and will be obtainable for payment in accordance through these Terms of Use.

8.3.3 Suitability

By way of a Freelancer, to be qualified for Zero Benefit Charge plot for installments made through your Current Customers:

You need to have a dynamic account of Client on LanceForce;

You might not welcome manually to Zero Benefit Expense arrangement;

The task along through your Current Customer was not initially obtained on LanceForce;

Your Current Customer ought to not as of now take an account of Client (dynamic or inert) on LanceForce;

your Current Customer need to sign up aimed at a Client account utilizing enactment interface they gotten in the LanceForce welcome or joins of Widget of LanceForce

Once sign-up, your Current Customer must recompense at slightest one of your Solicitations through LanceForce. There is no restrain to the number of Current Customers that can be bid beneath this system. By way of a Customer, to get remunerate and permit your Existing Consultant to advantage from the Zero Benefit Charge scheme: you must not have a Client account (dynamic or inert) on LanceForce;

You must sign up for a Client account utilizing the enactment interface gotten in your LanceForce welcome or joins of LanceForce Gadget


Once sign-up, your Present Customer need to pay at slightest one of your Solicitations over LanceForce.

There is no restrain to the number of Existing Clients that can be welcomed beneath this scheme.

As per a Customer, to get remunerate and permit your Existing Specialist to advantage from the Zero Benefit Expense scheme:

You must not have a Client account (dynamic or dormant) on LanceForce

you must sign up for a Client account utilizing the actuation connect gotten in your LanceForce welcome or the joins of the LanceForce Widget;

The task together with your Current Consultant was not obtained on LanceForce;

You must pay at slightest one of your Solicitations to your Existing Specialist through LanceForce

8.4 Fee of Admin for account of user that inactive

LanceForce is not a bank, it only holds the funds to provide services and settle certain invoices from freelancers. We strongly recommend that all users do not hold dormant funds on the platform. Users cannot balance hibernation for more than 30 days on the platform. If the user holds the suspension funds in the LanceForce user account for 60 days or more, LanceForce reserves the right to charge a monthly management fee(). Fund on behalf of operator. This payment will be spontaneously deducted from your LF user account balance every month from day 61. Billing for this fee will end when i) you have less than 60 days of funds or ii) your balance has been settled.

8.5 Conversion of Currency

In case you require an exchange inside the LanceForce location which includes a money transformation, it'll be completed at an outside trade rate decided by an authorized organization that is balanced on a customary base. Trade charges changes are not beneath LanceForce regulator. A Cash Change Expense of 2.5% will be connected each time LanceForce makes a cash transformation. After a money transformation is obtainable by LanceForce, you'll be appeared the trade amount that will be connected to exchange some time recently you continue with approving the installment exchange. By tolerating this exchange, you moreover concur to the trade rate money change terms.

9 Recommendation Program

9.1 Overall

LanceForce Referral Package introduces non-LanceForce users (“referral users”) to LF and sites (“successful referrals”). Users complete this referral by submitting the referral user's email address in a singular transfer form or through sharing a distinct referral link create by LanceForce (“Invitation to Referral””.

9.2 Reward of Referral

Suggested Clients will get a coupon of. Said voucher will be exchangeable upon counter for buys of at slightest £50 or the cash equal. Focus to the qualification situations in Area 9.3, Clients who allude others will get the taking after as compensate for each fruitful transfer: The comparable of will be recognized to their LanceForce account. Supposed sum can as it were be utilized as a frame of acclaim for buys on


LanceForce accessible upon counter to clients welcomed to LanceForce by means of our referral agenda.

9.3 Suitability

To qualify for transfer rewards:

LanceForce requires an active user account. Referral programs cannot be referred.

The referred operator must not yet have an operator account in LanceForce.

Referral users must register for a user account within one month via the Referral Invitation Activation Link.

Referred users must receive and pay the invoice at least within 730 days of registration. Expenses from the referred operator to the operator account and payments from the mentioned user to other user accounts mentioned through the operator account are accepted from this billing control.

9.4 Discontinuance or alteration

LanceForce saves the correct at some time to adjust or cease the Referral Package either briefly or for all time with or deprived of take note. LanceForce will not be at risk to you within occasion of some adjustment, postponement or discontinuance of the Transfer Package. Non-fraudulent collected Referral Rewards are not influenced through suspension or discontinuance of the Referral Package.

9.5 Non-compliance

LanceForce saves the proper to not give or to expel any already allowed Transfer Remunerate from your Client account must any of the LanceForce terms and settings not be encountered. LanceForce saves the correct to interrupt the Client account or expel Referral Remunerate ought to injurious or false movement with respect to the Referral Package be supposed at the watchfulness of LanceForce.

10. Voucher

Operators can obtain funds put straight into their LanceForce user account as part of an advancement or as a recommendation recompense. Otherwise, you can accept a fixed or percentage discount promotion code (“coupon”) for services purchased from LanceForce. These vouchers: Cash value cannot be used to withdraw from LanceForce as it is intended only for the purchase of services at LanceForce. If the voucher is a through credit to the operator's LanceForce user account, the money of the receipt is the best of the user's LanceForce user account if one is larger than the other two, or if it is GBP (£) of either. It will be the currency corresponding to the balance. In other cases. If the receipt is in the form of an advertising code, code can merely be used on one occasion, even if the check is used in a deal that is lower than voucher's financial value.

11. Common terms of site use

LanceForce terms of site utilize characterize in what way Clients might make utilize of LanceForce whether as a visitor or an enrolled client. They comprise the overwhelming but vital stuff so if you don't mind perused them carefully.

12. Security Policy

By continuing to utilize the LF benefit, Clients assent that LanceForce may prepare the individual information (counting delicate individual information) that LanceForce collects from them in


understanding with the LanceForce Protection Arrangement and the terms of the EU Common Information Assurance Direction 2016/679.

LanceForce may utilize your individual information to accumulate criticism with respect to your involvement you'll have with our stage. This makes a difference our commerce develop by amassing valuable information from our end-users. LanceForce isn't a party to any Benefit Contract between Buyer and Specialist. Any Benefit Contract between a Buyer and Specialist should be in agreement with such Freelancer's security approach and the terms of the EU Common Information Security Direction 2016/679

13. Overseeing Law

The terms and settings and some debate or assertion emerging available of or in association through them or their theme matter or arrangement might be represented through and understood in understanding through the law of Britain and Ridges. The law court of Britain and Ridges might take non-exclusive locale to resolve any debate or assert that emerges out of or in association with the terms and settings or their theme matter or arrangement.

14. Related Policies

Taking after arrangements are portion of these terms and settings and ought to be examined sensibly: Terms of site practice Privacy Policy Placement strategies: Offers posting policies Projects posting strategies Profile rules WorkStream policies

15. Descriptions

In the terms and settings:

'Billing' is the full solicitations paid amid the month;

'Buyer' implies an individual buying administrations from a Specialist on LanceForce

Beginning of project' implies either buy of Offer through the Customer or acknowledgment of a Proposition for a tradition extend by the Consumer within WorkStream;

the Content' implies such belongings as information, content, photos, recordings, sound clips, composed posts and comments, design, Client substance and intuitively highlights created, given, or something else made open on or through LanceForce;

'Custom Project' could be a part of work that begins through the acknowledgment of a Proposition by a Customer or acknowledgment of a Contract ask through a Specialist. This task is concurred either afterward the Customer has forwarded ask on LanceForce or in coordinate message among a Customer and a Consultant within WorkStream. convention venture could too be concurred by way of a take after on part of work afterward an Offer buying;

Each Hour Agreement could be a part of work that begins by a Customer putting a substantial installment strategy on record that can be stimulating over and over through LanceForce and acknowledgment of a Each Hour Proposition through the Customer or acknowledgment of a Enlist ask through the Freelancer

‘Argument implies a debate upraised in connection to a forbidden Statement; 'Escrow Account' implies the simulated account where cash is kept on Graduation of venture and is as it were discharged in agreement through these terms and settings;


'Offer' implies a pre packed benefit, that's advertised on LanceForce by a Specialist aimed at a settled cost and conveyed inside settled timescales. 'Invoice' implies a charge for a finished venture that is upraised through the Consultant within WorkStream or within LanceForce installments control panel;

Project' implies a chunk of task that a Specialist and Customer concur by means of LanceForce is to be given through the Specialist to the Customer. Extend alludes to task either concurred when the Buyer buys an Offer, or after a Proposition by a Specialist is acknowledged through the Customer for a convention project;

‘LanceForce ' implies site through the space title www.lanceforce.com or Individuals Per Hour Restricted as the setting so requires; ‘LanceForce Client Account' implies a User’s LanceForce persona, profile, settings, exercises, solicitations, exchanges and reserves adjust accessible for you to withdraw; 'Proposal' implies an offer completed through a Freelancer to a Customer to supply a convention venture and that must comprise a expense citation;

‘Freelancer' implies a individual offering administrations to a Customer through means of LanceForce;

‘User' implies any enlisted individual who employments LanceForce;

‘User Content' implies all Substance transferred, submitted, dispersed, or posted to the administrations by Clients, counting without impediment, Recommendations and message through WorkStream. Client Substance does not incorporate some materials or deliverables, or mental possessions in that emerging from extend, that might be relegated to the Customer on effective installment for extend. Client Substance is the only duty of individual who started it;

'the WorkStream™' is wherever all the message among Customer and Consultant is led in secluded. By means of WorkStream, parties can trade data counting connections, send a Proposition or raise a Receipt, make installments, ask a discount or raise a Debate in connection to a project.