Why does my project need editing?

If you think you have received a notification that the work you have been distributing requires improvement, you should have received an email to the default email corresponding to your lance force account stating what wishes are changing (check your trash email editor as soon as it changes. posted there).

If you are unable to access the data at that time, at the same time, check these items in your work because the most likely cause is:

Is it safe to say that there are enough records in this work?

To determine which excellent proposal you are testing, you must include enough data about the job. See our suggestion on what to have.

Are you taking care of your contact data?

We cannot find drives that include your call total, call related to any touch data within the title, display, or connection.

Just put that data.

Does the scope of the displayed value make sense? You are using the expense of your special price explicitly, but ensuring that you do not ignore the top recommendations, we can also check with you considering that we see that the range of the price shown is too low for the cans you are searching for.

Try not to be afraid that Freelancers will continue to submit a strong proposal; however, you can get a fine The Freelancers do not see in any case considering the scope seems too low for art objects.

Does your job violate shipping regulations for different drivers?

See the rules here.

How can I get my work done?

1. Select “Change.”

2. Make changes to your work to satisfy all of the above features (in case you make sure the entire package is complete and then go to the resulting step)

3. Select “Update function.”

Your work will be confirmed immediately and must be distributed stay online directly.

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